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Support Small & Local Businesses this Christmas

December is here and our preparations for Christmas are already on the way. Since this year in particular was quite unique for our families and loved ones, having to cope with isolation and social distancing, we believe that our close ones deserve a special gift.

But not only shall we show our appreciation towards our families, we also would like to motivate you as a conscious consumer to show this appreciation towards small and local businesses. The ones that suffer the most under the pandemic.

If you are looking for some inspiration on where to shop, here are a couple of our favourite brands. Most of their products are handmade with lots of love.


Surfer van with a christmas tree on the roof

Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash


Based in Lisbon, our friend Catarina is the talented artist behind our yoga mat strap and she produces beautiful handmade Macrame pieces. She is currently also doing decorations for Christmas trees, make sure you check out her Instagram.

Caro Ceramics

Out of Lisbon, these beautiful handcrafted ceramics are a piece of art and speak for themselves. Carolina Rocha, the mind behind this project, is from our home town and we have known her for many years. Her products reflect her own unique style, inspired by nature and its textures.


From Porto, we recently came across these Japanese inspired garments and instantly fell in love with them. Claudia is the soul behind Bicla and provides you with top quality garments and homewear in the most original colours. You can also mix & match a lot of them.


The social magazine. Similar to Alba Yoga, this project came to life in the earliest days of the pandemic. Pushing the boundaries with visual and completely incoherent (in a good way) content, it brings the best of culture, visual arts, and what’s best to be done in Portugal to you. We are very proud to say that one of the deputy directors, Sofia Coutinho, is a family member of ours.
You can order the printed version of the magazine through their Instagram.

Grandma's House

Warning - these products may cause addiction!
We fell in love with the granola from Grandma’s House (based in Lisbon) during the first lock-down. Our homemade Açai bowls found a perfect match. Their almond butters are also delicious. Our favourite one is the almond butter with chocolate and salted caramel (Yum!).

Plume Organic Care

These organic care products are handmade in Portugal, vegan and cruelty-free, and have the nicest scents! We tried the shampoo bar (jasmin and clay) and the shea butter, peony and orange blossom soap, which is our favourite. Plastic free showers were never so easy.

Planeta Violeta

Located in Porto, the talented Leonor is the artist behind these gorgeous illustrations. We also know Leonor from our hometown and are fans of her great work ever since. If you are looking for a way to brighten up someone's day with a present, don’t look any further.


Definitely one of the coolest places in Porto. The concept of combining a yoga studio with vegetarian food under one roof is brilliant, and gives this place such a great vibe. Sara, a passionate yogi and the chef of MANNA's kitchen, is an outstanding cook and baker putting up a smile on our faces every time we try her food. Hélder runs the restaurant and serves you the best coffee in town. Besides selling our yoga products there, they also have several other cool Portuguese brands to choose from.

Pois - Natürlich Portugal.

Now for our lovely followers from Germany, you can order from a lot of the brands we mentioned above and here is another special local treat for you.

With two stores in Stuttgart, Pois was our first address for biological fruits, vegetables and wines from Portugal for almost five years while we lived there. Matthias is the bright mind behind this project, and we feel very lucky to call him our friend. Besides fresh produce you can also find a great selection of Portuguese olive oil, cheese, gin, amongst many other things, all made in Portugal. We are very happy to share that you can now also find our Alba Yoga products there.

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