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Why Alba

This was the first question all of our friends and family members asked: why Alba?

Well, Alba has a special place in our hearts. We (Anita and Carlos) grew up in a tiny village in the center of Portugal called Branca, which literally means “white” in English. In ancient times, this reagion was known as Alba. Volker joined the family later on but still was in awe with this pituresc place the first time he visited it.

Alba also means the bright light just before dawn. For us a new day represents a new beginning, a new chance to start something different. And here we are, putting our dreams into plans and into action!

Yogi with cork mat and strap over the shoulder

We also see Alba as a strong willed inspiring woman which knows where her heart is and takes responsability for her acts.

She is a reformer, a game changer and a passionate yogi. She does not leave her yoga practice on the mat. She practices it throughout the day on her choices and with her kindness.

Alba is our inspiration and we hope you can all treasure a small piece of her in your hearts.

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