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Made in Portugal, with love.

Do you know that feeling of waking up and just being really happy that you are home? We are so lucky we can call Portugal our home and we feel so wholesome here.

When we were starting our business, we always knew we wanted to share a bit of Portugal to the world. Such a small country but with so much to give.

Portuguese coast line

Photo by Ricardo Teixeira

Our beautiful atlantic coastline (more than 850 km long), with surfspots just around every corner.

Our warm and friendly culture, that will impress every tourist.

Our amazing food and wine.

Our Fado.

Our Cork.

And this one completely stole our hearts. The possibility of bringing a little bit of Portuguese nature into your homes got us really excited and we started working really hard on finding the best and most sustainable raw materials, finding the nicest and most conscious suppliers, and developping a whole line of production in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We will be sharing more features of cork, and why it’s indeed the perfect material for your yoga practice in our next blog post.

For those of you who can't wait: we provide already a couple of information about why cork is the perfect surface of a yoga mat on our Cork Yoga Mat product page.

Hands folded on Cork Yoga Mat

Stay tuned. 

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  • Yoga, amongst others, stands for ‚connection‘. And connection is what we need to live. Connection with ourselves, others, nature, our unique planet. ALBA YOGA to me is at the intersection of these, making this brand so appealing. I instantly knew that I would want to be part of the mission to make the world a little better with what we do and how we consume. Practicing Yoga on my cork mat simply (and literally) feels good!


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