Shipping & Delivery – Alba Yoga

Free shipping for Portugal and Spain above 40€. For other EU countries above 150€. CO2 neutral, always.

Shipping & Delivery

All our orders are sent CO2-neutral and plastic free. The shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and destination of your order.


Costs with CTT for Portugal and Spain:

3.50€ for a purchase below 40.00€

The shipping for our Yoga Mat Strap costs for example 3.50€.
We offer free shipping for orders above 40.00€ for Portugal and Spain.

Costs with DHL for other European countries:

9.95€ for a purchase below 90.00€
4.95€ for a purchase between 90.00€ and 150.00€

The shipping for our Cork Yoga Mat costs for example 4.95€.
We offer free shipping for orders above 150.00€.

Costs with DHL for Norway, Sweden & Switzerland

< 1.0kg: 26.00€
< 3.0kg: 28.00€
< 10.0kg: 34.00€

Please be aware that for shippments to Norway and Switzerland additional costs for customs can apply, which are not included in the price.


You will receive your order usually within 2 - 6 days. Please note that we will only initiate the shipping process after we have received a payment confirmation.

If you have any further questions regarding shipping & delivery kindly send us email to info[at] or use our contact page.