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Who We Are

Anita, Carlos and Volker are the three founders of Alba Yoga. Anita and Carlos grew up in a small town called Branca in the center of Portugal. In ancient times this place was called Alba which means the "subtle brightness just before dawn" and represents the origin of our companies' name. Volker grew up in the south of Germany close to the city of Tübingen. He discovered his passion for Portugal on a holiday trip to Porto in the year 2012.

The need for change

The idea of Alba arises in the middle of a pandemic, where all of us had to so unexpectedly adapt to a new environment and a new society. We are increasingly concerned with superficial problems, stress at work or just with life in general. These problems only got worse with the lockdown, leading to a greater distance from nature and small moments of pleasure. Alba intends to make up for these lost moments through small and peaceful routines, which can be done through yoga, a practice that conveys feelings of lightness and well-being, important to both your physical and psychological self. And so we have developed the best products for your yoga practice, following a very important mantra in the yoga life - sustainability.

All of our products are 100% Portuguese and produced only with natural materials, mainly cork.

child's pose

Why cork 

Fun fact: you may not know this, but if you did visit our little country – Portugal, you probably wandered through some souvenir shops and found out that lots of souvenirs were made of cork. Portuguese people will probably not be very excited about a bottle of wine that doesn’t have a cork stopper either. That’s because one of our Portuguese gems is indeed the cork tree and for many centuries we have been using it wisely.

Not only is cork extremely beautiful, it is also an amazing and sustainable resource. There is no need to cut down trees to create our products. The cork is obtained by stripping the bark during harvest.

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Sustainable movement

Climate change is happening, and it is happening fast. As consumers and as a business, it is in our hands to act against climate change. That’s why we are starting our business as a CO2 neutral company.

Every product was thoughtfully considered from the raw materials to the delivery at your house. We hand-pick every single raw material to ensure we cause the lowest impact possible. Notwithstanding, for the low carbon footprint we make, we offset it by purchasing climate credits that support CO2 reducing projects in developing countries.

The three founders of Alba Yoga

Carlos, Anita & Volker

Alba, the subtle brightness just before dawn. A new day, a new beginning, a new chance to start something different.